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What is Dreamscaping?

Dreamscaping emerged out of a spirit of experimentation and play using alcohol inks on yupo.

Dreamscaping has influenced and refreshed my artistic style and the direction of my work in a variety of mediums. I have observed the same with my students.

Dreamscaping is more than another technique, it is a gateway into enhanced attentiveness and creativity.

Dreamscapes hum with creative energy. I hope the one that resonates with you will be a constant reminder of the joys and benefits of creative play. Even encourage you to try it too!


Dreamscaping with June Rollins®

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-For anyone who has dreamed of being an artist, but didn’t think they could.

-For beginning artists who want to

step into the creative flow and stop trying so hard.

-For experienced artists who feel blocked and want to reclaim the wonder and joy of the creative process.

Let’s Keep Dreaming :)

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Dreamscaping With June Rollins®


New DVD! Available April/May 2015

Introduction To Watercolor

If you’ve ever wanted to try watercolor, or, you’re a frustrated beginner, this is for you...