About June Rollins, Artist/Writer

Treasures By The Sea, Watercolor ©June Rollins

First, A Watercolorist

I dreamed of being an artist in the mid-70's when in high school, but fear held me back. In 1999, when I thought the world might end during the Y2K scare, I mustered the courage to enroll in a community college watercolor class. I've been painting ever since.   

There have been  seasons of commissioned house portraits, textures, figures, flowers, animals and more.  I entered a lot of shows, taught a lot of workshops, and set up my booth at a lot of festivals. I earned signature membership in Watercolor Society of NC and Southern Watercolor Society. 

Dreamscape No. 697, Alcohol Ink,  ©June Rollins

Then, Originator Of Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping

By 2009, I began to wonder if the grass was greener in other mediums and took a variety one day workshops. One was Alcohol Inks. Like many, I became mesmerized by the flowing inks. Out of a spirit of play, Alchohol Ink Dreamscpaping emerged. I received several requests to teach my process. In 2013, I wrote Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping Quick Reference Guide, available on Amazon and produced 5 instructional DVDs. The fascination and popularity of Alcohol Inks continues to grow. And while I still find Dreamscaping fun and relaxing,  I realized I was not growing and needed a new challenge. Once again, I began to experiment in other mediums.

Ewe Rock, Oil, ©June Rollins

Now, Finding Joy In Oils

In June of 2017, I committed to study traditional oils, a medium I had always respected and admired. I am loving the workability and possibilities of this classic medium. I've been told my oils look like watercolors and my watercolors look like oils. 

Seeing people's reactions to my small animal paintings is deeply gratifying. Their response brings me joy and an eagerness to create the next painting.

Currently, working on my first novel, Follow Your Art, ©June Rollins

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