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     Poppy is a struggling art student overshadowed by her best friend and suppressed by her conservative parents. Family secrets, deception and betrayal force her to face fears, make new friends and discover her true gifts.


 "Now, that we're all here," said Miranda, more composed and facing the class. "Let's take a moment to introduce ourselves. “I’ll go first, even though Poppy and I have already run into one another.  I’m Miranda Minks, I've been the Executive Director for ACAC for three years and teaching this weekly watercolor class for five. I've painted many houses and landmarks in Applewood County and can't imagine anyone not having my art in their home. I am, without a doubt, the most well-known artist in our county." She smiled and nodded towards Ernestine.

        "My name is Ernestine Wilkes, I've been taking classes from Miranda since she first began teaching, which is longer than anyone else here." She sniffed as she looked around at the others. "I've seen a lot come and go. Watercolor is too hard for most people." She cut her eyes at Anise, "Or, they have so many other things going on, they don't give it the commitment it deserves."

        Anise smiled broadly at Ernestine, appearing not to have taken any offense to her comment, that everyone, but Poppy, knew was pointedly directed towards her. "Poppy, I'm Anise Evans and I'm a dabbler," she said, nodding towards Ernestine. “I love how watercolor looks and I try." She shrugged. “I’m just glad they let me be a part of the group."


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